From Commander’s to The Commissary, the next generation of Brennans and the Pettus’ are cooking up a delicious new concept.

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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)- The next generation of Brennans and Pettus’ are ready to sink their teeth into another project but, this time they’re cooking up something a little different than a traditional restaurant concept.

Welcome to The Commissary.

Known for their famous restaurant, Commander’s Palace and many more New Orleans favorites, the family is evolving what they do best.

“When I was a child, I would listen to people ask my father why they can’t get the quality ingredients that we get at the restaurant from the grocery stores and to our kitchens at home,” explained Richard Brennan, fourth generation Brennan. “Over the years, it kind of all fell into place. We are not trying to open more restaurants but, just improve how we get these ingredients.”

The Commissary is a commercial kitchen in the Lower Garden District designed to serve multiple purposes.

“Here at The Commissary, it’s an open kitchen intentionally so, you can see what the chefs are doing behind you. You can see the meat that is being sold at the restaurants,” said Sara Brennan Trechsel, fourth generation Brennan. “It’s all about transparency and making sure that people get the best quality product from the farmers who grow around here.”

This is your one stop shop for locally sourced goods that restaurants use. You can get everything from fresh farmed vegetables to Louisiana raised meats.

“So, the idea was to put it all under one roof, where we can control consistency and not only stream line everything but also work with locals,” said Geordie Brower, fourth generation Brennan.

“What better opportunity than to come back home and take everything that I’ve learned and combine it with all my cousins and all the great chefs within our company. And let’s just keep this power house moving forward,” explained Matthew Pettus, next generation of Brennan-Pettus partnership.

If you want to taste the legacy in the making, The Commissary is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. till 4 p.m.

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