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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — New Orleans R & B legend Clarence “Frogman” Henry describing what many people felt upon returning to damaged homes after evacuating for Hurricane Ida.

Henry says, “I came in here and when I saw the house, I couldn’t believe it. My bedroom and where I keep all my clothes, it came off the wall, the rack came off the wall.”

Henry’s home is a travel back through R & B and rock history with memories from his illustrious career and a never ending collection of frogs.

Many of his pictures were spared, but his vinyl and VHS collection was among the things ruined. What’s more is that Henry still lives in the house and has been waiting for a second insurance adjuster to finalize his claim.

WGNO Legal Analyst Cliff Cardone suggests cleaning things up but catalog everything first.

Cardone stated, “Before you clean anything up, you need to seriously document all of the damage to your property, and by that I mean take video and take photographs and take photographs and video from all angles so that your insurance adjuster sees the total extent of the loss.”

Henry’s daughters looks after him daily, but fans and friends are hoping to get to work on the house as soon as possible.

Local residents and fans James Cullen and Kelly Lee Blackwell are among those willing to help, and posted on social media the need to help the music legend. As word spread, several businesses and locals have offered to help.

“We want to get the debris out of here. And we want to get this mold taken care of because he can’t keep breathing this in,” said Blackwell.

So help is on the way for Frogman Henry, beloved by many and who’s biggest hit was ‘I Ain’t Got No Home.’

“It’s still my home. I found a home. It’s damaged, but I found it,” laughed Henry.

On Thursday, local company Servepro New Orleans began taking the damage out of Henry’s home to begin the work.