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COVINGTON, LA — Since the mass shooting in Las Vegas, there’s been a renewed push to teach life saving skills to people outside of the medical field. One of the programs is called ‘Stop the Bleed’.  It was created by the White House in 2015.  It’s a nationwide program, and it’s free. Thursday morning, the classes came to Lakeview Regional Medical Center in Covington.
“The only thing more tragic than a death is a death that could have been prevented,” instructors told hospital employees who were wearing clothing more suited for their day jobs away from emergency rooms and operating tables. The training focuses on using tourniquets, gauze, and pressure to stop bleeding cause by trauma injuries. Given the Las Vegas shooting, gunshot wounds are the context these days.  But the training could also help with severe injuries after events like car crashes. If you’re interested in attending a training session, other hospitals in the New Orleans area also offer ‘Stop the Bleed’ classes. University Medical Center has teamed up with the LSU Health Sciences Center and the Tulane School of Medicine to provide the training every other Monday.  Click here for more details.