FQ Supplemental Task Force asks neighbors to renew the quarter-cent sales tax


NEW ORLEANS – Members of the French Quarter Supplemental Task Force want neighbors in the French Quarter to renew its quarter-cent sales tax when they vote on December 5th.

Since tourism is down, the sales tax is only expected to raise about one-third of the normal amount.
Task Force members say that if voters approve the raise, NOPD officers, instead of state police, will be used to patrol the quarter. They will also be able to add code enforcement officers.

Eric Smith, Analyst, French Quarter Improvement Fund, City of New Orleans says “Residents and voters in the french quarter will have the choice of whether to vote in favor of continuing the task force or not, so we wanted to take this opportunity to present the city’s plan.”

Taskforce workers hope to eventually quadruple the patrol hours. If neighbors vote “no” all of the patrols will go away.


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