Four new swans make City Park their new home

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NEW ORLEANS– City Park welcomed four new feathered friends today.

Fred, Ginger, Benedick, and Beatrice are white mute swans.  Their new home will now be at City Park’s lagoon.

City Park bought them from a breeder in Michigan.

WGNO Videographer Jeremy Jackson went to City Park to get the video footage of the swan release.

Park officials say that bringing them adds to the park’s beauty and it gives the community something special to see when visiting City Park.   They encourage guests to take photos of the new swans and post them to social media.

Swans mate for life and will hopefully create young swans, known as cygnets in the near future.  Those who plan to visit and feed the new swans are encouraged that swans must have a proper diet, which doesn’t include bread.  Bread, contrary to popular belief has poor nutritional value for the birds.  Instead City Park officials encourage visitors to share seedless grapes cut in half, or chopped lettuce, or birdseed, or peas, or corn, or oats with our new feathered friends.





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