Folks living on Amhurst Street in Metairie bear through power outage


METAIRIE, La.– With this heavy heat it puts a strain on our power and electricity. Proof of that happened today in Jefferson Parish when thousands were left without power.

When the power went out this morning to over 18-thousand residents living in Jefferson Parish the neighbors on Amhurst Street in Metairie went outside to cool off.

“I’ve got a whole bunch of ice in my freezer and I’ll hook up the fans to my generator if I need to. We’ll make it work. We are a resilent neighborhood,” Abhi Singh said.

“I can’t get on the phone because it is only charged at 35 percent, and we don’t have air conditioning and it’s hot. I’ve always wanted a sauna, but not this way,” Gayle Perez said.

Entergy says there are ways to save energy and there are ways to keep your homes cool during these hot summer months, and get some relief on your bills.

“The largest consumer of electricity in your home is no surprise, it is the air conditioning unit. We recommend leaving it at 78 degrees or whatever is the warmest that is the most comfortable for you and your family,” Brandon Scardigli, Sr. Communications Specialist with Entergy said.

“Another great tip is to use those ceiling fans. Use those box fans because they do a good job of keeping you cool. They don’t lower the temperature inside your home, but they do lower your body temperature when you have the fans on,” Scardigli said.

For folks living here in the South, we understand that heat and Louisiana go hand in hand.

“We’re o.k., we’re young, we can do this,” Margaret Alvarado, who lives on Amhurst Street said.

Entergy also suggests checking door and window frames to make sure that they are sealed, so the cool air stays inside your home, so that can also help you save on your Entergy bill. Most customers see an increase on their bills during the summer months because they are using the air conditioning more.

Entergy offers more energy efficient products and programs. For more information call 1-800-ENTERGY or log on to


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