NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- What happens when you want to celebrate a birthday milestone, but the world is shut down?

For one New Orleans woman, her celebration has turned into a business opportunity that also empowers other women.

Owner Adrian Long explains, “When I turned 50, I wanted to go to Greece to do the flying dress of course to celebrate the big number but the world was shut down because of COVID. and I was like wait a minute, so I got somebody to make a dress for me and so when my nieces got excited about it, I said maybe this can work and there you have it, we’re standing in the freezing cold with the New Orleans Flying Dress Experience.”

Long didn’t let that milestone slip by, and she took the opportunity to not celebrate her big day, but to create opportunities for others.   The Experience is essentially, a photoshoot, and a chance for a woman to feel and look beautiful. And despite the cold weather, Lisa Brown is celebrating her own milestone today with the dress.

According to Brown, “On January 20th, I’m turning 50, and I wanted to do something, so I wanted to do something special. I wasn’t having a party, and I thought this would be nice, elegant…50”

Beauty is at the heart of the flying dress experience and photographer Anastaisa McCarthy stated, “‘m trying to capture the feeling. The feeling of being beautiful. Of being the best of who you are today, tomorrow, and day after tomorrow.”

For Brown, a determination was at the heart of her experience today, “I was coming. I said I’m coming out here in this cold weather! I’m gon do this for 50, I’m blessed.”