Flash flooding catches drivers off guard


Several roads across Metairie looked more like a wave pool as cars inched their way through the flooded street.

The afternoon drive, complete gridlock. Some drivers abandoning their cars and watching from a distance, waiting for the water to go down.

Jefferson Parish leaders maintain the pumps were working, but they were struggling to keep up because of the amount of rain the area received.

Tyrisha Jones from Slidell was on the way to her mom’s house in Metairie with her three-year-old son.

“Once I got over here, I realized how high the water is and it was too late to turn around,” Jones said. “I’m like okay, let me try to drive through it.”

Jones was caught off guard, not realizing the I-10 service road tends to flood during heavy rain. Her car and several others stalling out.

“I didn’t know what to do! I called my mom,” Jones said. “What do you do? Called her and she tried to come through because of how high the water was too.”

Two good samaritans helped push her and another person’s cars to the side.

“That guy left. Me and this guy, we took our shoes off and got behind my car and actually got it on the side some more and now, we got help,” Jones said. “The water looks like it never happened.”

Jones was able to get a tow from a friend and she remains hopeful her car will start.


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