NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The Fisher Middle High cheerleaders took their skills near the Superdome Sunday in hopes to raise money for their squad.

The school, located in Lafitte, sustained significant damage during Hurricane Ida, and the cheerleading team lost all their equipment.

“Oh yeah, definitely is a struggle,” cheerleading captain Baylee Plaisance said. “We’ve been practicing on grass and without matts. We’re not actually at our school; we’re at a different school, so we can’t do football games on our field, so we’re using somebody else’s field.”

The cheerleaders have had to rely heavily on their parents, who purchased their new unforms, but they are going to need help from fellow Louisianians.

“So, I brought it upon myself to bring these girls out here and try to raise as much money as we can to replace everything they lost,” Kevin Chevis, the father of a cheerleader, said.

Football fans should know—cheerleading is much more than just an extracurricular activity.

“What is high school football without cheerleading? without dance? A lot of these girls are getting scholarships to go to college, my youngest daughter included,” Chevis said.

These girls have the skills and are ready to fight to get their team back to where it was once was pre-Ida.

“Without all that stuff, we wouldn’t be the cheerleaders we are today, and all that stuff would just help us out since we’ve already lost it, and to just get back to normal would just be great because we haven’t had normalcy in over a year,” Baylee said.


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