LAPLACE, La. (WGNO) — With New Year’s Eve approaching, people are heading to the firework stands, and they may see some price changes on some of their favorites.

At Redzone Fireworks, located at 3607 Main Street in LaPlace, there is a plethora of fireworks to choose from to ensure a memorable New Year’s Eve.

“The ones that are going to give you a nice aerial display, they’re as cheap as $5, and they’ll get as much as 200 bucks,” Redzone Fireworks owner Earl Egan explained. “You got some of these big cakes right here; they’re150, 180 bucks. We got some 3x9s.”

Those wanting to get their hands on some fireworks may notice some price increases this year.

“In reference to last New Year’s, slightly, I guess 5, 7% across the board, but from Fourth of July to New Year’s, [it’s] about the same price,” Egan said.

At TLC Fireworks, located at 8480 Highway 23 in Belle Chasse, the owner says he’s seen a much more significant increase, starting last year.

“You know, freight has an impact on everything, from the grocery store to the fuel pump, to everything, so obviously fireworks, we have had an increase, and I would say probably around 30% would be a conservative figure,” TLC Fireworks owner Bill Hall said.

However, both owners say they are making sure their customers head home happy.

“We try to keep, like with some of the old stock that we have, we’re not marking it up, we’re keeping it at the same price,” Hall said. “You know, everybody’s out here struggling, you know, so listen, we want to be fair.”

Both firework stands will remain open through New Year’s Eve.

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