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NEW ORLEANS — News with a Twist has teamed up with the Historic New Orleans Collection to bring you a unique find each week from the museum’s vaults.

This week, it’s the sheet music for the famous “Every Man a King” song written by former Louisiana Gov. Huey P. Long and Castro Carazo.

The highly controversial former governor and senator co-wrote “Every Man a King,” the same words Long used in campaign slogans and the title for his autobiography, the year he announced his bid for the presidency. It was also the same year he was assassinated at the Capitol.

“It’s about the share of wealth program, which was Huey Long’s very radical wealth redistribution program,” said Matt Farah, curator of traveling exhibitions for the Historic New Orleans Collection. “It rendered him as a socialist by the conservatives in the United States and as a champion for the common man by the poor people in the United States, which obviously Louisiana had a ton of.”

Long liked to frequent the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans back in his heyday. People say he liked their Ramos gin fizzes. Carazo, who co-wrote the song with him, was a band leader at the Roosevelt. Long was so fond of Carazo, he brought him on as the band director for LSU.

The two would take up the pen and compose music together.

Housed at the Historic New Orleans Collection is the original sheet music that the two composed for “Every Man a King.”

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