(WGNO) — It was a frustrating weekend. Everybody left a lot of points on the bench in Week 3.

It wasn’t just you.

I hope you took my advice last week about Saints wide receiver Chris Olave as those “air yards” I told you about translated into almost 24 points in PPR (points per reception). And with both Michael Thomas and Jarvis Landry both banged up, I expect that to continue.

Olave is a must-start going forward.

Also, if you are going to roster a running back as a backup, try to get one with standalone value instead of just a straight handcuff. What you will find is bye weeks are coming up soon, and if you have a useless player on your bench it’s not going to do you any good.

Anyway, good luck this weekend and remember to always tip your bartender.

Oliver Stevenson is a bartender at MRB located at 515 St Philip Street in New Orleans, and a two-time Gold Rush Fantasy Football League champion and co-host of ‘The USFL Show’ podcast. MRB was voted best ‘Bar Food Establishment’ by Where Y’at Magazine in 2021.