Fans optimistic about LSU’s football season despite loss to Mississippi State


NEW ORLEANS – It was a tough Saturday night for the LSU Tigers. Last night, they took a loss from the Mississippi State Bulldogs 34 to 44 which broke their 16 game winning streak. 

This is also the first time LSU lost a season opener since 1998. While some fans are worried about the rocky start, most say they’re optimistic.

“Everybody’s been socially distanced, there’ve been disruptions and all in the way that they practice. It’s just out of their element and they’ll figure it out,” New Orleans resident, Eric Hunn said. “I have faith in Coach O!”

“I think they’ll be fine moving forward. I think it’s a gelling thing right now,” Anthony Spizal, another New Orleans resident shared. “It’s a new team with a bunch of new players that’s, you know, taking a whole new approach and we believe in the Tigers!”

LSU‘s next game is this Saturday against Vanderbilt. 


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