Famous artist Terrance Osborne playfully paints a fun playhouse at new Children’s Museum

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NEW ORLEANS–  The new Louisiana Children’s Museum in City Park is set to open later this week.  Among the many exhibits is a new playhouse painted by famous painter Terrance Osborne.

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez gets a look at this playhouse that kids are sure to love!

“I’m painting a house.  It is like a T-Osborne playhouse that kids can play in at the Children’s Museum,” Osborne said.

One of Terrance Osborne’s paintings is coming to life.

“I’m painting the house, like I’m thinking of a painting, so I’m painting the surface in the same way that I’d paint one of my own paintings,” he said.

The playhouse looks like a shotgun New Orleans home.

“In New Orleans there is not one straight line on a house.  This house is warped and crooked, but stable.  It is just like a New Orleans house, full of character,”  Osborne said.

Terrance said that he’s painting the house as he goes, and won’t know exactly how it will look until he’s completely finished.  He definitely hopes this piece of art inspires creativity for the kids and their families.

“There will be some of my artwork on the walls that are magnetic.  Basically they are magnetic puzzles and the kids can use the artwork and pull apart the pieces and then put it all together,” he said.

And kids, don’t you think that you can hide from your parents in this playhouse.

“There’s no roof on the building, so parents can look in and see what their kids are doing,” Osborne said.

Painting this playhouse has been a blast for Osborne.

“It is all fun.  If I have fun then I know the kids will have fun.  I want the kids to feel like it is a magical experience like they are walking into one of my paintings,”  Osborne said.

Osborne even painted the address “420” on the playhouse.  That just happens to be the same address of the Louisiana Children’s Museum when it was on Julia Street.

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