Family Members Won’t Die Alone Thanks to an App


Granddaughter shares how app allows family to say goodbye despite Covid-19.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)- Families are trying to stay connected to loved ones who are dying from coronavirus.

It’s harder to say goodbye to a sick loved one than ever before and people are dying alone in the hospitals but, a family was able to be by their 87-year-old grandmother’s side during her final moments.

“My sister had the idea to use this app called, House Party. It’s very similar to what we are doing but, it’s really mobile friendly. The number one advantage of House Party is, that she didn’t have to answer a call. It was great because it was always open,” explained Jenna Forbes, granddaughter.

On March 30, 2020 coronavirus claimed the life of a woman who was a mom, grandmother and great grandmother. In Keiko Neutz’s last days, her family was by her side, virtually.

Day after day, the coronavirus is claiming more lives. So, how are you supposed to say goodbye to a grandparent dying from Covid-19, alone in the ER?

That’s where technology is connecting us in a world that’s being told to stay apart.

“This past week when she was admitted into the hospital. We knew we weren’t going to be able to go visit her but, we didn’t realize we would never be able to see her again,” shared Forbes. “She passed a couple days later. So, we were able to have a couple days with her where we were showing her the grand babies and her great grand babies and she loved that so much.”

Forbes told us, it was a little bit easier saying goodbye knowing that she could at least see them on the computer screen and hear their voices. She said it gave her closure.

“ I can’t imagine somebody calling and saying, ‘Hey the person has passed or whatever it maybe and knowing that no one was there with them,” reasoned Forbes.

Which is why Forbes is starting a non-profit to help connect families who have someone in the hospital suffering from Covid-19.

“Even if you don’t know a family member or a person who is going through this, and you have an old laptop or iPad, may be you can download the app and help people in this way.”

The non-profit is called Keiko Neutz Amazing Grace Foundation Inc.

IF you have an extra iPad or Laptop and want to help out, you can reach out to by email,

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