Family in Boutte picking up the pieces after Hurricane Ida destroys their home


BOUTTE, La. (WGNO) — The road to recovery from Hurricane Ida will be a long one for the Labranch family. They decided to stay for the storm, hunkering down in their home in Boutte for shelter.

“Oh my God, it was like a freight train, back and forth, back and forth, wind, rain,” said Terrica Labranch.

Now, their house is in ruins, and they watched in horror as their home was blown away by Ida.

“We looked and seen the roof peel back, it was just by the grace of God that we’re still here,” said Corey Labranch.

The Labranch’s are now living out of the back room of their home, with no electricity or water, as the scorching sun beats down.

The family is unsure of where to go from here.

“Right now really though, we’re going in circles, we don’t really know what to do,” said Terrica.

But compared to their neighbors two doors down, the Labranch’s are lucky. Their entire neighborhood, decimated by Ida, but the foundation of their faith remains unshaken.

The Labranch’s say they applied for government assistance, but until then, they will continue to rebuild their home together.

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