NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO) — Most voters will go to the polls tomorrow (Dec. 10) with their driver’s license or LA wallet app for identification. But those who don’t have a state-issued ID can still vote, according to Orleans Parish Elections Commissioner Darren Lombard.

“If you do not have that ID, you also can fill out an affidavit that will allow you to vote once you’ve verified your information,” said Lombard.

Lombard also says that fewer than 10,000 Orleans Parish residents voted in the early voting period, and he expects tomorrow’s turnout to be low as well.

According to Lombard, that’s because there are just three amendments to the Louisiana Constitution on the ballot, and one run-off race.

The run-off is between long-time incumbent Public Service Commission member Lambert Boissiere and newcomer Davante Lewis.

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