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Texas-based search specialists are working through the process of elimination in the search for a missing school teacher.

Equusearch will begin its third day of using sonar equipment Friday morning; in hopes of finding Terrilynn Monette.

The 26-year old elementary school teacher was last seen 14-days ago outside Parlay’s bar in Lakeview.

She was celebrating her nomination for ‘Teacher of the Year’ when bar managers say she had to be ‘cut-off’ after drinking too much.

Monette reportedly walked to the parking lot to sleep it off in her car.

Equusearch has been looking for her black Honda in nearby lagoons, ponds, and Bayou St. John.

So far search teams have located two cars.

The most recent vehicle was found underwater in Bayou St. John Thursday.

“We’re not getting excited about that one right now. We’re going to shoot some more images of it and see, but it’s one we probably will dive on to eliminate,” said Terry Miller of Texas Equusearch.

Family and friends staged a second prayer vigil outside Parlay’s bar Thursday night.

The told members of the media that they are planning a golf tournament to increase Crimestoppers reward money.

The tournament is scheduled April 7th at Belle Terre Country Club.

They’re also working to finalize plans for a concert at House of Blues.