Talking Oscars and breaking into the biz with author and actor Laura Cayouette

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NEW ORLEANS — What’s it like to be in a movie that wins an Oscar? Laura Cayouette knows. What about being a published author? She’s done that, too. Both, in fact, multiple times. She also wants to help other people reach their goals in the film industry, and she has a book about that as well.

“It’s an actor’s guide to turning minutes into moments and moments into a career,” Cayouette told WGNO News. She wrote the book shortly after finishing her work on the Quentin Taratino film Django Unchained which won two Oscars.

Cayouette’s book about the biz is called Know Small Parts. She says it can teach aspiring actors everything from dealing with rejection to snagging a free dress for the red carpet. But there’s one major skill that Cayouette says actors need.

“More important than looks, who you know, talent, any of that, is your ability to just suck it up, you know?” Cayouette asked with a sympathetic smile.

As far as working on films that win Oscars, Cayouette says that usually you simply don’t know if a film will be special when you’re in the process of making it. But she also says there’s one way to know that the film will be important. For more on that, watch our story at the top of the page!


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