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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — There’s a shortage of restaurant workers these days and retail workers; now, some clubs are facing a shortage of strippers.

The French Quarter and Bourbon Street are getting back to pre-COVID levels. Some businesses are working overtime to staff up and at least one club is offering big money for those willing to show a little skin.

Sources tell WGNO News Larry Flynt’s Hustler is offering a signing bonus of $1,000 to combat the stripper shortage they’re facing.

“I need a job, but not that one. I get it and I don’t, but I think it’s insane because there are so many people in this city and everybody needs a job right now. I don’t think anyone should cancel options out,” said Kasey Rich from Houston.

Rich said a thousand bucks is worth considering.

“That’s rent for a lot of people.”

Not every club is facing a shortage of employees or entertainers.

“It’s been gang busters,” said Jonas Hair, General Manager of The Penthouse Club. “We’ve had heavy crowds and we’ve had amazing entertainment coming back to work for us.”

Hair added, “The employment issue has definitely been a thing as far as getting people to come back. We’ve had people hang on board and are right here with us as we’re opening back up. We’ve been having great crowds come in and it’s been going very well. We’ve been able to handle it and we’re giving that great service the penthouse is known for.”

Hair acknowledged as things get back to normal, customers are taking care of their entertainers and are leaving big tips.

“There’s an energy in this city where people want to come out and we’re seeing it first hand right now,” Hair said.

We did reach out to Hustler multiple times to ask more specific questions about their incentive program, but we have not heard back.