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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – It’s a busy place to be on a sunny, sultry, summer afternoon, and what better way to cool down than with a Sno-La snoball?

Sno-La owners Monika and Kerry Crossley are changing the game with these shaved ice creations. You can get a traditional snoball, but we recommend the “supremes.”

One woman we interviewed was enjoying a “Beam Me Up Scottie” and calls it “delicious!” She says, “You should come on down to Sno-La and get one for yourself.”

Another popular snoball is “Chantilly Cake.” It’s stuffed with cheesecake, topped with fresh berries and either whipped cream or condensed milk. Kerry says it’s one of his favorites.

“It’s cheesecake filling without the crust. We put it right in the middle of any flavored snoball you’d like to get,” says Sno-La owner Kerry Crossley.

You can get more than a dozen flavors in small, medium or large, and if you’re looking for an extra special treat you can commemorate your visit with your very own mason jar.

It’s part of the service at Sno-La.

“At Sno-La, we consider it an experience. It’s not just a snoball, so from start to finish there’s a lot that goes into it,” says Sno-La owner Monika Crossley.

Monika says the “Key Lime Pie” snoball is both sweet and tart. This is her go-to flavor.

But there is literally something for everyone at Sno-La, whether you’re a traditionalist or willing to try something new. Sno-La in the summertime is the place to be.

Sno-La’s newest location is at 8108 Hampson St. in Uptown.