NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The long-awaited return of the Red Bull Street Kings Brass band competition is finally here. Music lovers will have their chance to celebrate the return of the New Orleans music and culture competition on September 24 at Music Box Village.

In 2022, the Kings of Brass (K.O.B), Sporty’s Brass Band, Big 6 Brass Band, and Young Pinstripe Brass Band will go head-to-head. A panel of judges will vote on each of the performances and narrow the finalist down to two of the best teams. Bands will be scored on multiple things including on-stage appearance, material, energy, musicality, and innovation.

The bands will compete in two rounds. The first round will be a second line into the venue while performing a traditional brass song, the second round includes a collaboration of New Orleans music with present-day artists. Some of the New Orleans artists that will be performing include Stone Cold Jizzle, Alfred Banks, $leazy EZ, and Treety. 

The last band standing will be declared the winner and will win a grand prize. In previous years, in 2010 and 2013, the Stooges Brass Band and the Original Pinettes were named the street king and queens.

Doors will open at 2 pm on Saturday, September 24 for those interested in attending. Tickets can be purchased online. General admission is $5 dollars per person.

“This type of collaboration with brass can only be done in New Orleans,” said hip-hop artist Treety. “The culture, the people, and the bands are different here.”