Saints fans’ NFL ‘No Call’ lawsuit set for Thursday court hearing

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NEW ORLEANS — Tony LeMon attended his first Saints game during the team’s inaugural season in 1967.  He wears an old school football helmet to the games.  Much of his life revolves around the Saints success and seasons.

Like Saints fans everywhere, LeMon was devastated by the NFC Championship game’s big ‘no call.’  Like many fans, he fumed after the game.  Now, LeMon says he wants to represent all Saints season ticket holders in a lawsuit against the NFL.

He has a court date on Thursday.

LeMon was not the only fan to bring a lawsuit against the NFL, but he’s the only one remaining he says.  He says that he wants to make NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and three of the referees that were involved in the ‘no call’ testify about the game in court.  The NFL is claiming that LeMon has no right to force the NFL to do anything.

LeMon is no rookie in the courtroom.  He’s a lawyer who has an office in Covington.  Previously, he served as a prosecutor for the District Attorney’s Office in Saint Tammany and Washington parishes.

Unless there is some sort of delay, the next court hearing is set for Thursday, May 30, at 9:00 in the morning at Civil District Court in New Orleans.


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