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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Seventeen years ago this month, Hurricane Katrina blasted through New Orleans, leaving virtually the entire city underwater after the city’s levee system failed. As we approach the anniversary of the horrific storm, one NOLA native is showcasing the stories of people who were children, some even babies when Katrina struck, changing their lives forever when they had only just begun.

Katrina Babies with a look into the lives of an entire generation still working through an event that had a tremendous impact at such an early age.

The story emerges from filmmaker Edward Buckles, Jr.’s seven-year journey to capture the voices of those impacted by the storm, including tight-knit families living in some of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods that were turned upside down. Buckles, Jr., who was 13 when the hurricane hit, uses a powerful blend of confessional-style interviewing and home videos while uncovering what it means to be Black in America.

You can check out Katrina Babies on HBO Max beginning on Wednesday, August 24.