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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Maybe it’s an unlikely friendship.  But make no mistake, when Joan Rivers sought out New Orleans voodoo priestess Sally Ann Glassman, it was the start of a friendship that would last decades and beyond.

“I knew Joan Rivers loved me and adored me.  She said so every time I saw her,” Glassman told WGNO News.

Click on the link above to see Glassman explain how she met Rivers and how their friendship is still a part of her life, even after Rivers’ death.

But there’s a lot more to Glassman’s comments.  If you click on the button below, you’ll see Glassman explain Rivers’ claim that her Manhattan penthouse had a demonic presence as well as a ghost.

During the interview, Glassman also talks at length about how her friendship with Rivers grew over the years.  She says she and Rivers spoke regularly on the phone and would spent time together in both New York and New Orleans.

According to Glassman, Rivers was kind and gracious but also unafraid to roll up her sleeves and handle the dirty work of show biz or any other challenge.  Glassman says Rivers is still a big part of her life even after her death.