NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — “I’m just excited to eat some chicken,” said chicken fest-goer Mignon.

It was another mouth-watering festival many didn’t want to see the end of after a weekend of crispy chicken. One attendee says aside from trying various flavors, the promotion for the event was outstanding.

“When I first heard about it I heard it on the radio then I saw the advertisement on the television. Then I went on the internet to check out what the festivities were, I am really happy with the turnout,” says Natasha Mitchell.

This was Missy’s first fried chicken fest, and she was amazed by the variety vendors offered.

“I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to taste some vegan and plant-based meat options, so I was looking on the site and saw they were going to offer that. What an awesome opportunity to try those products that are like meat,” says Missy.

As more people dug into some of their favorites, festivalgoers told WGNO what some of those were.

“We got some phenomenal oxtails it was so good,” says Carmella Guglielmi.

“It was so good. They served it with rice and plantains,” says Maddie Nowack.

“We ate from Red Bird Chicken. I don’t know if they are a vendor in Louisiana or not but it was decent. So red bird shoutout to you,” says Mitchell.

Others believe the event also gave vendors a boost since word of mouth is the best business out there.

“Especially on Instagram, we are all content people all influencing everybody. So when I try something, I snap pictures, take videos, and want to share. I definitely want to come out my whole goal today is definitely want to come out and highlight some of these businesses,” says Dominica Smith.

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