Media maven Mona Scott-Young talks show biz and her NOLA parade

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NEW ORLEANS— Media maverick Mona Scott-Young has done everything from managing some of the biggest names in the music business to creating and producing the Love & Hip Hop franchise for VH-1.

Mona’s in town this week and she stopped by to tell us what it takes to make a successful reality show and about a big event she’s got planned.

Of the reality shows, Scott-Young says, “We take what’s going on in their everyday lives, right? And that’s a part of it. The casting is a very big part of the process.
And then we hyper exaggerate. So if you’re having a party, it’s the grandest party ever. If you are having, you know–and we put it within the construct of production. So, we don’t have cameras following you around 24-7.
But we kind of bring everyone together. And we accelerate the passage of time. So that we are able to do it within a production timeline.
But it really starts with the casting, you know, great dynamic people who have things happening in their lives that the rest of us could only imagine.
I always say, having come up in hip-hip, I dare anyone who has ever really been a part of this industry to tell me this stuff doesn’t happen. Right?”

Scott-Young also spoke of her love for New Orleans, “So, every time I come to this city, I feel like I am home. I love the people, the culture, the food. Oh boy, I love the food. This is my city. I love coming here. And I’m excited. We have a lot happening.”

The Monami M-Powered parade is Wednesday at 6pm.


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