LSU expert’s take on tailgating in Tuscaloosa


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METAIRIE, L A -- You'd be hard pressed to find a better LSU tailgating expert than Wayne Tuyes.  'Big Wayne' has been voted the best!

Saturday, the Tigers play in Tuscaloosa.  And historically, while LSU may have its challenges with the Alabama Crimson Tide on the field, Tuyes says that there's no competition in the parking lot.

"Oh there's no question, we're undefeated," Tuyes told WGNO.  "Undefeated, unscored upon."

Tuyes says that while some 'Bama fans might cook up burgers or even show up with a box of fried chicken, LSU tailgators win the day with jambalaya, gumbo, pork loin and other dishes.

But he'll also tell you that tailgating on the road requires extra preparation.  Unless you're going to make the drive the night before, you'll have to come up with a plan to either keep any uncooked food on ice for days or to buy it once you arrive.  Tuyes suggests, just like drawing up a football play, assigning different responsibilities for each of the tailgate's participants. Just do your job, as football coaches often say.

"You have to bring your pit and all the accessories, multiple ice chests full of food iced down, your meats, your seafood," said Tuyes.  "And it's just the process is more involved if you're going to tailgate on the road."

So what does Tuyes say happens when fans from other teams try to hang with LSU tailgators?

"Some years, we brought oysters with us, we bring shrimp, obviously, seafood.  And they want to contribute.  They're like, 'We just cooked up a batch of hotdogs.' We're like, 'Really'?"

But judging from the photo gallery at the bottom of the page here, despite the Tigers' tailgate dominance, both teams have a great time.  After the opening kickoff, well, that's another story.



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