Love dogs? Love a date with a dog lover? Here’s how to find romance at the end of a leash

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NEW ORLEANS -  Rufus is a New Orleans dog.

He belongs to Matt.  That's Matt Wheelahan.

Rufus is a happy dog.

Matt is a happy guy.

Matt Wheelahan would be happier than a dog at a cat show if he could get just one thing.

That's a date.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood asks Matt Wheelahan to describe his dream date.

Matt says it's a girl who is "fun to hang out with, good conversation, likes music, around same age as me."

Wild Bill wonders, "what if this dream date happens to be allergic to dogs?"

Matt says that would be a real "deal breaker man, gotta like the Rufus.

Now Kat Rieder comes into the picture.

Kat Rieder is NOT allergic to dogs.  And Kat is not allergic to cats.

Kat likes dogs.  Kat would like to have a dog.

Kat likes dogs as much as she likes guys who like dogs.  In fact, Kat would like a date with a guy who's got a dog.

And now she can make that happen.

That's because this dog lovers dating game just got real.  It just got really real.

You guessed it, now, there's an app for that.

The Dog Person's Dating App is called dig.

You can download it on your phone.  It costs nothing.  It's free.

Just click right here to make your love connection.

What you get is five dogs a day.  And you get the guys and girls at the other end of the leash.

Tulane professor Leigh Isaacson is the creator and the CEO of the Dog Person's Dating App and she says about her app "we have everything from mutts to bloodhounds and everything in between."

Love connections are happening from New Orleans to New York.

It's how Matt and Kat met for their first date.

And guess what?

They've already made plans for their second date.

Hot diggity dog.


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