Kenner woman was on ‘The Proposal’ and says others should do it too!

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METAIRIE, LA -- Who would go on national television -- on a one hour show -- to meet and perhaps agree to marry a stranger?

That's what happens on the hit ABC show The Proposal.  Contestants ask and answer questions with a bachelor or bachelorette who is hidden from their view.

"It is not for everyone," Havilah Malone told WGNO.

Malone was on the first episode of The Proposal.  Along with nine other women, she went on the nationally televised show to see if the man hidden from sight behind a lighted wall -- called a 'pod' on the show -- would be Mr. Right.

So how did she get there?  A little by accident.

"I was actually looking for episodes of a show I like to watch, and I come across this thing that says casting now," Malone says of her web surfing at home when she stumbled upon the show's website.  "So I was like, you know what, let's try it, let's go for it."

A few months later, after a significant vetting process, Malone was cleared by the show's producers to be on the very first episode.

"I was right across from the pod. And these beautiful lights are going up the pod, and we can't see him. We can hear his voice and interact with him in that way," Malone said.

Because the show is just one hour, and ends with a proposal, the pool of single hopefuls gets reduced pretty quickly.  Before too long, Malone was cut.

But if you think getting turned down on national television is a blow to the ego, think again.

"And when it was revealed who he was, I was like, he wasn't for me. It wasn't my match," Malone said of the bachelor's big reveal on the show.

Malone is from Kenner and works as an author and motivational speaker.  And she's confident about her dating future.

"My king is still out there. You know, he'll come, we'll find each other somewhere."

As for the other contestants on the show, Malone says they all got along well.  In fact, she says that's probably the best part of her experience.

"The women who were a part of this, they were really cool.  We formed some awesome bonds.  Matter of fact, we're going to be doing a girls trip down to New Orleans.  Some left with love, some left with a sisterhood of friendship," she said.

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