NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Chances are, you won’t see this at the Smithsonian.

And the Museum of Modern Art might consider this priceless piece of the past to be, at least a little, unnatural.

But WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood says, that’s the point of the permanent collection.

It’s an assortment of more than 80 unusual things.

It’s in New Orleans.

And it’s all at the Bywater Museum of Unnatural History.

The museum directors are Patty Burns.

She’s a college writing teacher.

And Jenny Blow, a former art gallery manager and current mother of three.

Their miscellaneous mishmash is on display in the front room of Jenny’s classic creole cottage.

It’s an unconventional convention.

It’s offbeat.

Off the wall.

Out of the ordinary.

A library of stuff that found a forever home here.

By the way, the Bywater Museum of Unnatural HIstory moved.

It’s now in the Marigny.

The name is the same.

The address is different, 921 Mandeville Street.

Open Sunday afternoons.

From 3 pm to 5:31 pm.