NEW ORLEANS — There is nothing quite as soul-stirring as operatic music.  Speaking of souls stirring… the Women’s Opera Guild Home in the Garden District of New Orleans is hauntingly beautiful and also believed to be downright haunted by many.

Mary Thomas, an Opera Guild Chairman says “the original owners were the Mulinari family. The young son unfortunately died. The interesting thing is many people have said they’ve have seen his ghost in the window in the attic.”

One portrait of interest is of Mr. Mulinary, the father of the little boy.  When the lights go off, the lighting plays off of the paint to make his face look skeletal.

“Haunting are always in the realm of probability. One thing that intrigues me is that our security cameras have caught orbs of white light following people around the house. When the person leaves out the front, the orb of light goes right up to the door and when the person leaves and closes the door the orb of light leaves and goes right up these stairs,” says Thomas.

The Opera Guild Home changes hands in the 1700’s to Cebolt family.

Thomas says they were known as “a very fun loving generous kind, happy couple that lived here for many years and had lots of great parties!”

The tour groups the come and go to the Guild Home are inexplicably attracted to the two portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Cebolt.

Mrs. Cebolt and her daughter, “are still here because they were happy here and they like being here and they know the house is being watched over and I guess she’s checking to see that it’s being watched over. Mrs Cebolt, when she died, she left this beautiful mansion to the women’s guild to be taken care of as long it was maintained exactly how she left it, which they’ve been doing ever since,” said Chairwoman Mary Thomas.