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HAMMOND, La – A lab at Southeastern Louisiana University is hardly Hollywood.

In fact, it’s a long, long way from Hollywood, California.

That’s until you see an unlikely leading man.

He’s a physics professor at Southeastern Louisiana University.

WGNO News with a Twist fun guy Wild Bill Wood has a question for this professor.

Wild Bill asks, “what is the name of this big man, big celebrity on campus?

The man says, “Rhett Allain.”

Wild Bill says, “that sounds like the name of somebody who would always be signing autographs.”

Rhett Allain sighs and says, “yea, not so much,”

You see, it’s not his name that makes him famous.

It’s his work behind the scenes on the TV show MacGyver.

That’s where you’ll find Rhett Allain.

That’s where the physics professor works as a technical consultant.

And that’s where he makes sure that all the on screen magic on MacGyver can also really happen in real life.

The professor is a firefighter.  And a bit of a good cop.

His role as technical consultant means that he is ready to bust any show business special effect that turns out to be fake.

The not-so-mad-scientist was checking scripts for a cable TV show when big-time, prime-time TV came calling.

That’s how he got the gig on MacGyver.

Wild Bill says, “you’re the behind the scenes guy who puts all those ideas and all that information into MacGyver’s head?”

Rhett Allain says, “that’s my favorite part, great chance to see science and be super creative.”

Right now, you see Rhett Allain’s name only at the end of the show.

After the episode, it’s in the closing credits.

That’s for now.

You’ll also see his name coming soon.

No doubt.

To an autograph seeker near you.