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COVINGTON, LA — There’s no shortage of good artists in Saint Tammany Parish.  And there are plenty of people who appreciate their work. But sometimes it’s a challenge to get the two groups together.

That’s where the NoSho Collective comes in. NoSho is a new group on social media that primarily works on Instagram. On Friday, the group tried a new way to connect artists and those who appreciate their work. It was a scavenger hunt of sorts.

Here’s how it worked.  About a half dozen of the group’s artists volunteered to donate one or two of their works to the #NoShoFreeArtFriday event.

Instead of displaying the artwork in a gallery, the artists scattered across the North Shore and hid the items in public places.  For example, artist Amber Demare nestled her painting between a cluster of posts by the entrance to Bogue Falaya Park.

Each work of art was posted on the group’s Instagram page with a tag that would direct people to the artists’ individual pages.

On the artists’ pages, each would also display a photo of their work as well as clues on where to find it.  Each work of art also included a note for the inderbasking them to post their find on Instagram with the hashtag #noshofreeartfriday.

All morning and afternoon, the posts started rolling in from smiling people with their new art possessions.

Artist Rob Fairburn organized the NoSho group and the giveaway.  He says the group plans to have more free art events in the future. The next one is set for Friday, January 5. If you’re interested, follow the NoSho collective on Instagram!