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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – People all over the country are paying tribute to legendary ABC newswoman, Barbara Walters.

Walters is retiring from “The View” tomorrow.

Liz Dodd of New Orleans already has three tattoos.  A dragon, lizard, and piranha are all on our body.

Now she’s adding a tribute tattoo of her favorite anchor of all-time.

“I’m probably the first woman to get a Barbara Walters tattoo.  She was a pioneer for women all over the world.  Now I’m a pioneer too,”  she said.

She went to Orleans Ink to get the tattoo of  the 84-year old news woman.

Tarinno Taplin designed the tattoo and it took about 5 hours.

“I really want it to look like Barbara Walters.  I want to honor her with the tattoo,”  Taplin said.

There was no question in Liz’s mind that she wanted to get a tattoo of Walters once she found out she was retiring.

“She went after her stories like a man.  She was aggressive like a man.  She got it done and proved that women could do it too.  She really had an impact on my generation, and I hope she’s flattered,”  Dodd said.

Walters started her career in 1961.  At ABC, she anchored “20/20” for 25 years and “The View” for 17 years.