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HOLDEN, La. (WGNO) – Actor John Schneider is best known for his roles as Bo Duke in “The Dukes of Hazzard” and John Kent on “Smallville.” But in recent years the actor traded Hollywood for life in Holden, Louisiana, just outside Baton Rouge. Last week, the torrential rains caused historic flooding in the region, and it didn’t spare Schneider’s home or movie studio.

“The Tickfaw River came through this house,” Schneider told the morning TV show Eye Opener. “Two and a half feet up in every closet, in every draw.”

Schneider said his house is basically contaminated. “When this water gets into the fiber of what this house is it starts growing mold right away. That stuff will kill you.”

john schneider

But Schneider didn’t dwell on his misfortune. Rather he spoke about how awesome Louisianians are, especially in times of need.

“You can’t count on the weather. You can’t count on whatever it is you think you have. But you can count on people who will come to help you in your time of need,” Schneider said.  “While their houses were underwater and they could do nothing, they were looking for people who needed their help. I’m very fortunate.”

“For the people in Louisiana to look at a life changing event and not gripe, not complain about it. Just go, ‘OK. This happened somebody needs my help. I’m going to help somebody else until the water gets out of my kitchen. And then maybe somebody will help me.’ It’s astonishing. It’s astonishing!” Schneider adds.

At its highest, there were nearly 3 feet of water inside Schneider’s 116-year-old home.

Gov. John Bel Edwards said at least 40,000 homes have at least some damage. The US Coast Guard, National Guard, local emergency responders and even neighbors have helped rescue more than 30,000 residents and 1,400 pets, and at least 13 people have died across five parishes.