Check in to check it out: a Banksy mural moves into a building that used to be a bank.

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NEW ORLEANS – As the saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Does that mean one person’s graffiti is ready for somebody else’s art gallery?

WGNO News with a Twist fun guy Wild Bill Wood is on an adventure in the heart of the CBD.

Wild Bill is in the lobby looking at what could be  something somebody spray-painted on the side of a building.

Then it was somehow sawed out of the side of that building.

And then it was set up in the corner of the lobby of the International House, a hotel at 221 Camp Street in New Orleans.

This hotel guest is the work of the world’s most famous street artist, the British guy called Banksy.

Wild Bill Wood asks Sean Cummings, owner of International House, “why did you spend a decade moving a Banksy mural to the lobby of your hotel.”

Sean Cummings says,  ”

It took a team to transport from a building across town a ten-foot-by-ten-foot plaster piece of what plenty of people would simply say is graffiti.

It’s one of 17 murals Banksy painted around New Orleans.

A Banksy can cost you close to $2 million dollars.

Of those 17 once in New Orleans, this is one of just three not destroyed by mistake.

In the corner of a building that used to be a bank now sits a Banksy.

Safely deposited.

Earning lots of interest.


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