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NEW ORLEANS— One mainstay of the holidays is getting to see Benny Grunch and the Bunch perform all of their local holiday classics, but this year is different.

Grunch said, “My record number of gig, performances, paid performances in December is actually 41. I’m gonna count you as a job, even though I’m not getting paid nothin’, but LBJ’s interviewing me and I’m sitting here so that’s gonna be one.”

Grunch’s only other holiday gig was at the Covington Trailhead a few weeks ago. Of course his biggest hit is the 12 Yats of Christmas.

When he was composing the song, he was on his way to a performance and just about done with the tune, when he realized he needed one more line.

“And I got behind an Arabi Cab. (laughs) That’s the absolute stone cold truth.”

Whats also true is that Benny is a songwriter at heart and his latest creation is “K & B Was Open Christmas.”

You can see Benny Grunch on Christmas night in a virtual performance at Rockin’ Bowl and his new tune is on youtube.

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