NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The Audubon Aquarium and Insectarium are open again, this time with new infrastructure and exhibits.

Returning after six-months of closure, the two attractions opened their doors together for the first time under the same roof on Canal Street.

With renovation costs coming in at $41 million, the building features a 2,500-foot lobby, a bird-safe glass curtain wall, and a Life in the Gulf tank just inches away from the sharks! 

“The thing that I’m most excited about personally when you first come into the insectarium, we have this 260-foot wall that is reactive to your presence. When you stand near it, it spawns butterflies or fireflies, and they move around you and with you,” says Zack Lemann, Curator of Animal Collections.

Ticket prices start at $35 for adults and $30 for children. Those looking to catch some waves or hang out with some bugs can purchases tickets at

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