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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- Ahoy Mateys!  This Saturday is “National Talk Like a Pirate Day” and the Greater Mid-City Business Association is celebrating with their “Hooked on Mid-City Pirate Pub Crawl”.

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez wanted to learn the lingo!   Tim Levy a.k.a. “Captain Babyface” with The Greater Mid-City Business Association taught him how to talk like a pirate! Here’s How:

Five Basic Pirate Words:


2. “Avast!”-“Stop!”

3.  “Aye!”-“Yes!”

4.  “Aye, Aye!”- “I’ll get right on that, sir!”

5.  “Arrr!”-“I’m happy”.  Don’t confuse “arrr” with “arrrg”.  “Arrg!” expresses displeasure.

More Advanced Pirate Words:

  1.  “Bucko”-a term meaning friend.
  2. “Carouser”-one who drinks a lot.
  3.  “Clipper”-a fast-moving ship.
  4.  “Chain Shot”- Two cannonballs chained together and aimed high in order to destroy masts.
  5.   “Cog”- a small warship.
  6.   “Dance the hempen jig”- To hang.
  7.   “Fire in the hole”- A warning that is issued before a cannon is fired.
  8.   “Flogging”- to beat a person severely with a rod or whip.
  9.    “Hearties”- at term used to mean fellowship among sailors.
  10.    “Heave To”-  An interjection meaning to come to a halt.
  11.   “Hornswaggle”- To cheat.
  12.   ” Jolly Roger”- A pirate flag with the skull and crossbones on it.
  13.   “lad”- a younger male.
  14.    “lass”- a young female.
  15.    “loot”-stolen goods or money.
  16.    “marooned”- to be stranded on a desert isle.
  17.    “pillage”- to rob of goods by force.
  18.    “plunder”- to take booty and rob.
  19.    “run a rig”-to play a trick.
  20.    “run a shot across the bow”- A command to fire a warning shot.
  21.     “Sail Ho!”-  An exclamation meaning that another ship is in sight.
  22.      “Scallywag”- a villainous or mischievous person.
  23.     “scurvy”- a disease called by deficiency of Vitamin C.
  24.      “Sea Legs”- The ability to adjust one’s balance when the ship is in motion.
  25.      “Shiver me Timbers!”- An expression of surprise!
  26.      “squiffy”- Tipsy or intoxicated
  27.      “take a caulk”- To take a nap.
  28.      “walk the plank”- The punishment by pirates to be forced to walk off a board, off the ship side to the water below.
  29.    “wench”- a young woman or peasant girl.
  30.    “Ye!”- you
  31.   “Yo-ho-ho!”-An exclamation associated with pirates!

Registration and pre-party shenanigans will kick off at Treo located at 3835 Tulane Avenue at 5 p.m.  Then at 6:15 p.m., the group of pirates will head to Tulane Avenue Bar followed by Twelve Mile Limit bar at 7 p.m.  Then the pirates will continue their pub crawl to Finn McCool’s at 7:45 p.m.  The “Hooked on Mid-City Pirate Pub Crawl” will end at D-Mac’s with live-music and an after-party.

Organizers want everyone to dress like pirates.  There will be a costume contest, best pirate joke contest, and the best “Arrr” contest.

For ticket information, click HERE: