Actress Shalita Grant on New Orleans: I’m having so much fun!

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - Meet New Orleans's newest resident, Tony-nominated actress and star of NCIS New Orleans Shalita Grant. Grant stopped by the News With A Twist studios to talk about the city, working on a hit show and the People's Institute of Survival and Beyond.

A transcript of our interview with Grant is below:

LBJ: Fine. How's it feel to be the Tony-nominated... everyone has to say that now., right?

Shalita: I feel so awesome. I feel so great.

LBJ: NCIS: New Orleans...

Shalita: Yeah, right?

LBJ: Are you having fun with that?

Shalita: I am having so much fun.

LBJ: Really?

Shalita: Yeah, we were at the museum yesterday, and I was yucking it up with the background actors, the babies, the kids love me for some reason.

LBJ: Well, maybe your stature, that big stature... you know, that you have...

Shalita: I... you know what? I said the same thing yesterday! And we were like, after every take, they gave me a hug: "I love you." I was like, "I love you, too!"

LBJ: But you have a big personality even on the show it's a very big personality. And we were talking about it earlier and everybody was like oh I like her a lot. She kinda jumped in and jumped on the scene.

Shalita: Aww thanks guys. Thanks.

LBJ: So that's really cool. But you haven't just started doing this.

Shalita: No, no, no, it's not my first day.

LBJ: It's not your first day. Prior to the whole NCIS thing, the Tony nominee came a few years ago..

Shalita: Yeah

LBJ: And, so you got the whole stage thing, and doing some television. Which do you prefer best?

Shalita: I hate that question.

LBJ: Really?

Shalita: Yeah

LBJ: Cause you just prefer to keep the lights on?

Shalita: Ah Yeah, You know what I'm saying! Keep it real. We are in New Orleans. Yes. Keep my lights on. Pretty Please.

LBJ: So how did you get involved with the People's Institute of Survival and Beyond?

Shalita: Well, I am a pretty strong personality.

LBJ: Yes

Shalita: And I wanted to couple with a charity that was about big social change.

LBJ: Hmm

Shalita: So, People's Institute of Survival and Beyond they've been around for over 35 years, it's a collective of multi-racial, anti-racist educators and organizers. And it's a national organization. And their aim, sole focus, is undoing racism, and all forms of oppression.
I mean they've done these workshops, they've taken their message East, West, North, South, Japan.. it's international.

LBJ: Fantastic

Shalita: So go online donate, and request the workshops.

LBJ: We are so happy to have you here. Continue, best of luck and all that. get out there and eat some good food In New Orleans.

Shalita: I will. I'm gonna eat all the food.

LBJ: It looks like it hasn't affected you much.

Shalita: No cause I workout.

LBJ: We understand! Thank you so much for being here today!

Shalita: Thank you for having me.


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