A fourth grader’s DREAM comes true with a vision that’s super slimy

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SLIDELL, La –  If you wonder where the package she’s shipping is going, just ask.

She says, “maybe Paris, maybe New York.”

She’s a good business woman.

And an amazing kid.

She is one of Wild Bill’s Amazing Kids brought to you by The Keating Law Firm.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says she’s just nine.

But she already has a dream.

In face, she was born with a dream. It’s her name. Dream Carter.

Dream Carter’s vision begins with her mom, a unicorn headband and an apron.

Dream’s dream comes true in the kitchen where she is in the process of inventing her own brand, her own style of slime.

You know, the sticky, gooey, slimy stuff kids play with it.

While she’s making it, Dream has a song to sing, “whip it, stir it, whip it, stir it, I love making slime.”

Wild Bill wonders what makes Dream Carter’s slime the slimiest.

Dream Carter says, “I add my own touches and it’s super, super cool.”

Her formula is a basic blend of stuff you see around the house.

It’s served up with a stern,safety warming delivered by Dream.

She warns the world about her slime, “if you put it in your face, it might break your face out if you have sensitive skin, but you still don’t want to put it in your face or your mouth!”

In her fourth grade class, Dream woke up to a nightmare when she discovered the slime business to be a slippery slope. Harder than homework, her sales were low and low means zero.

What would she do?

She put her slime slogan into a sales pitch on YouTube.

Her mom was her cinematographer.

Wild Bill asks her mom, Summer Carter what the reaction has been from the slime community.

Summer Carter says, “almost a half a million views on YouTube and sales are now through the roof.”

Dream Carter’s slime is hand-packed and shipped out to Russia and China.

And as Dream keeps packing she says, “that one might go to New Jersey.”

The little girl who still likes her dolls will one day be a teacher or a doctor or a scientist.

That’s her plan.

Slime is just the start.

It’s the idea that sounded at first, like a real, well, stretch.

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