65 years after a Boy Scout saves another scout’s life, he never knew he had this coming

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NEW ORLEANS –  It’s been a few years.

It’s been, in fact,  65 years.

It was in October 1954.

That’s how long ago Ken Flair was on a Boy Scout trip.

Some of the scouts were swimming.

That’s when another scout,  a kid by the name of George Donaldson, got into trouble in the water.

He started to drown.

Ken Flair jumped in and saved George Donaldson’s life.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says Ken Flair, a retired assistant principal at Archbishop Rummel High School,  was named a hero.

He got a story in the newspaper.

He got lots of congratulations from everybody he knew.

But not until now, 65 years later does Ken Flair get something he never knew he was even supposed to get.

It’s his medal of heroism.

Somehow, it got into the hands of a man in Florida who collects Boy Scout stuff.

It’s the award Ken Flair never knew he never knew he was supposed to get.

And now it’s on it’s way to kid who deserves it.



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