NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — “It would’ve been in Ida that just happened and I think we were about three weeks, four weeks,” that’s Entergy customer David Wadleigh talking about how much time he went without power last hurricane season.

“They’ve been making improvements since then, but time will tell,” said Wadleigh.

“Entergy follows its process every time, making sure to monitor the storm,” said Sandra Diggs-Miller, the Vice President of Customer Service of Entergy in New Orleans. “We are tracking that path, so that when the storm does make landfall, we have resources that will help us come back and get the power back on as soon as possible.”

The power company is holding weekly community outreach events to engage with the community, preparing them for a potential storm.

“Once the storm has passed, we have some tools that allow us to estimate that restoration sooner, so we can provide that information to customers,” said Diggs-Miller. “We are making efforts to harden our grid so that it can be more resilient so that when these storms come, the power is less likely to go out.”

16 locations across the city will also serve as a shelter in place if needed for Entergy’s new program, the Generator Readiness Program.

“Those locations around the city are already prepared. They have the gas infrastructure already in place so that if a storm is coming we can quickly galvanize,” said Diggs-Miller.

“Thus far we have probably had the best storm season since about 1991,” said Governor John Bel Edwards when he appeared on a radio talk show.

“Pay attention, get ready, please get a game plan,” said the governor.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, Seotember 28th at the Stallings Center on St. Claude at 5:00 p.m.