Enter if you dare: The Mortuary


Friday the 13th is a day that some say is filled with superstitions and scary happenings!  So what better time to officially kick off the opening of New Orleans’ most popular self-guided haunted house, The Mortuary!

The iconic mansion was built in 1872 and is located at the “dead end” of Canal Street.  Before becoming a Halloween tradition, the Mortuary actually operated as a mortuary for about 80 years.

Today the property is surrounded by actual graveyards known in New Orleans as “The Cities of the Dead.”   It’s no wonder the Mortuary has been featured on ghost hunting shows as one  of America’s Scariest Attractions—and for good reason.  There is a reported community of more than nine ghost that haunt the mortuary—each one with their own unique charm.

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic it’s worth a trip to the Mortuary to discover for yourself the mix of theatrical and supernatural that co-exist inside!

For a complete list of days and time the Mortuary is open, go to their website at themortuary.net



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