END OF SCHOOL YEAR UPDATE: Will students in Jefferson Parish return to school in the fall?


NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)- For Jefferson Parish Schools, the end of year is here. Thursday will be the last day of school for students.

Superintendent of schools, Dr. Cade Brumley is sending a message to the parents and students as it comes time to turn the page.

With students and parents still home, the best way to get the message out there was virtually.

It’s been a rough spring semester for schools across the nation. With classrooms still dark and empty, it’s inevitable that’s how the school year will end.

“We don’t feel like our year is actually finished,” said Dr. Cade Brumley. “While we do have a date of the school year closing. We know we have a ton of work to do over the course of the summer.”

For students in Jefferson Parish, Thursday, May 21 will be the last day of school and for teachers, the day after that.

Even though the schools are closed and the buses sit still, plans are still rolling out for summer school and for fall of 2020. 

“Our goal has been since our buildings have closed providing for our students now, but really being ready on day one for next school year. No matter what that might look like,” said Dr. Brumley.

A tentative start date for summer school is set for July. For fall, kids will return to classrooms on August 6, for face-to-face classes.

“We just felt like we should get that information out there but, also set the tone for some of the decisions we have to make in the future,” Dr. Brumley addressed.

One task the Jefferson Parish School District is working on is a survey. They want to know, ‘how are you doing, how have we been doing and how could schooling be better?’

Go to JPSchools.org to take the survey or click here.


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