In less than two hours, the NCAA Tournament champion will be decided at the Superdome.

It should be a great night.

But, it will be hard to top Saturday night’s North Carolina-Duke thriller, and the final game of Coach K’s career.

The game was exceptional and the Superdome looked terrific.

Over $650 million has been spent at 1500 Poydras Street post-Katrina. the Dome, 47 years old, looks like a shiny new penny.

Over the years, the Superdome has hosted superb moments: Michael Jordan became legend there, so did Tom Brady.

The Pope said mass at the Superdome. Muhammed Ali won the heavyweight title there. LSU won three national titles there. And the Saints won the NFC championship.

And Saturday night was right up there with any of them.

It was an unbelievably special night.

Those who were there, won’t ever forget.