Driver Finds $224,000 Roadside

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A New Orleans woman found nearly a quarter of a million dollars on the side of the road. WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter talked to her about the discovery and what she did next.

Jessica Luebke is the good Samaritan who was driving from her West Bank office when she noticed something on the side of the road.

“I saw a bin in the road, it looked like a grey kind of like a mail bin that you see,” Luebke recounted.

She made a U-turn and upon closer inspection she noticed it contained a large, clear bag of money.

We’re talking bundles and bundles of 100’s and 20 dollar bills. It was a total of 224-thousand dollars.

Trotter asked, “What was that moment like for you? It was shocking, it was shocking.” “It’s probably the only time I’ll see that amount of money in one spot.”

The story is fast becoming the talk to the town.

Trotter described, “Two-hundred thousand dollars? She’s got some good money in her pocket now,” Scott Harding said. Well, she turned it in,” Trotter continued. “That’s the good thing to do,” Harding said.

“My thought would be it belongs to someone and I’m sure they’re looking for it,” Marcella Ross said.

Luebke says she immediately called Jefferson Parish deputies to report the find.

Turns out it was a deposit from Boomtown Casino that had fallen from an armored truck.

Luebke says her job as a probation officer had nothing to do with her decision to do the right thing.

“I have to credit my upbringing, my parents always instill that in us, honesty and just always do the right thing,”Luebke said. “I think that’s a large part of it.”

Marcella Ross agrees.

“From my upbringing, you’ll lose more than you gain by keeping something that doesn’t belong to you,” she said.

Trotter asked Luebke, “Any reward to speak of? No, not yet (laugh),” she replied.

“I hope they would do the right thing, like she did,” Harding said.

Luebke says the armored truck company has reached out to thank her. So far Boomtown Casino has made no contact.


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