New Spacecraft Construction Begins at Michoud

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Construction by Lockheed Martin has already started at Michoud Assembly Facility for Sierra Nevada Corporations ‘Dream Chaser’ project.

The ‘Dream Chaser’ spacecraft orbital vehicle will be used for low-Earth orbit, like trips to the International Space Station but what makes it so unique and different from the space shuttle is the compact design.

Think of the Dream Chaser as an SUV and the shuttle as a moving van.

The Dream Chaser will feature a reusable lifting body spacecraft, non-toxic on board hybrid propulsion, the ability to land and take off from a traditional runway and will hold up to seven crew members.

The construction at Michoud is of the crucial frame structure of the craft.

It will be completed in Ft. Worth, Texas and eventually tested at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Employees from 30 states are involved in the project.

The first launch is estimated to take place in November of 2016.

The project ensures the expansion of space exploration and technological advancement in the United States. The goal of Dream Chaser is to create accessible, affordable space travel.

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