Drake says he’s in ‘album mode,’ which basically means he’s living his best life


The Champagne Papi shared a five Instagram posts Wednesday with the same caption: “Album mode.” But then, randomly one posts that read, “Spritzer Season.”

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Drake is apparently working on another album. (And spritzers might be involved?)

The Champagne Papi shared five Instagram posts Wednesday with the same caption: “Album mode.” But then, randomly one post that read, “Spritzer Season.”

So what exactly does all of this even mean? We analyze Drake’s series of photos.

First, we find Drake in Turks and Caicos

Drake seems to be enjoying himself in a dimly lit room with what appears to be a glass of white wine. Chardonnay? Pinot Grigio? We hope he didn’t just set his drink on a piano.

Drake hits the golf course

Let’s get ready to tee it up and play ball. But first, Drake needs to pose for the camera. And grab a bite to eat.

We arrive in Toronto

The 6 God is with his crew outside the Ovo Athletic Center, otherwise known is the basketball training facility where the Toronto Raptors practice that got renamed in collaboration with Drake’s October’s Very Own brand.

But wait. We’re back in Turks and Caicos

And in a pool…with a spritzer? The pool didn’t have the look Drake was going for, so he’s going for a walk on the beach. Then we’ll jump back into the pool.

Insert second random ‘spritzer season’ post

Drake is about to tear up the basketball court… right after he finishes his spritzer. And then maybe get back to “album mode.”

Hold on. ALBUM MODE. Gotta take a business call

Drake is hard at work talking to whoever is on the other end of the line. It looks like this conversation requires Drake to grab his wallet from his pant pocket. Oh, and shout out to that Beyoncé portrait in the background. Looks like Drake’s office has casual basketball hoop to shoot some balls while taking in a nice view of the CN Tower.

Basically, we should all work like Drake.

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